About the Festival

Held in the 14th Century St Andrews Church, Sutton Beer Festival started in 2008.So far there have been ten summer festivals and four winter festivals.

The 6th winter festival will take place this year on 15 and 16 February.

New beers and ciders will be available and the usual array of chili, stew, sausage rolls and pork pies will also be on sale each evening. Saturday afternoon's family session will have a barbecue and a bouncy castle.

Entry to Friday's & Saturday's evening sessions is £3.00 with half-price concessions for designated drivers.

Festival glasses will be on sale at £2 each.

We introduced them in summer 2017 and are keeping them for 2018 - To allow you to taste more beers on Saturday daytime we will have the "beer bat" - three third-pint glasses served in a wooden bat. We're also selling Mulled Cyder as well as the usual wines.

All profits go to St Andrew's Church. We've raised around £22,000 through the last four years' festivals and hope to build on that once again. Thank you for your continued support!

Opening Hours

6:00pm to 11:00pm

12:00pm to 5:00pm Family Session

5:00pm to 11:00pm

Beer list

Cask Ales

Bexar County - Thin Line Between Genius & Insanity 2 (Mango & Sriracha Pale Ale)6.6%
Bexar County - Where Have You Bean All My Life? (Vanilla, Coffee & Tonka Bean Stout) (7.4%)
Crafty Beers - Incognito (4.0%)
Crafty Beers - Sauvignon Blonde(4.4%)
Milestone - Cherry Stout (4.8%)
Mile Tree Brewery - Little Alfric (3.1%)
Mile Tree Brewery - Wildwood (4.9%)
Norfolk Brewhouse - Moongazer Pacific Pale (3.9%) (GF)
Norfolk Brewhouse - 3+4 Candles (4.3%)
Shiny Brewing - Reactor (4.0%)
Three Blind Mice - Blitzkrieg (6.0%)
Three Blind Mice - Casual Philip (5.0%)


Spinney Abbey - Fruity Friar (Rhubarb) (4.0%)
Spinney Abbey - Monk & Disorderly (5.6%)
Mr Whitehead's - Novo Pyrus Perry (7.0%)
Old Jollop - Vintage (5.5%)
Pure North Cider Press - Fusion (6.5%)
West Milton - Twilight (6.0%)
Aspall - Mulled Cyder (3.8%)

Wine and some bottled lagers will also be available


Live Music from 8pm each night



Saturday Afternoon
Sutton Masque Morris will be attending to dance from 3:30pm

Get in touch

Email - Phil Bambrick

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